Stationeries and art materials to deaf schoolchildren in Bhojpur   

Itahari, July 17 (RSS):

Birat Anupam  Students of Bhojpur Residential Basic School of the Deaf, the only deaf school in the mid-hill districts of Province 1, have received bag-packed stationeries on Thursday. The school located at the district headquarters has obtained these educational materials in a brief formal function organized within the school premises, said Santa Kumar Tumbao, the school vice-principal.
According to Tumbapo, 19 students were awarded educational materials in a bag. Seventeen other materials inside bag included five units of pencils, six units of exercise books, one box of color pencil, one unit of stationary bag, one unit of scale set, one unit of painting paper glue, one unit of ball pen, one unit of lunch box, one unit of water bottle.
Likewise, one towel, five face masks, two pieces of soaps, one unit of tooth brush and tooth paste, five pieces of bandages, one friendship cards and one unit of health packing bag.
The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), National Rehabilitation Society for the Disabled (NRDS) and Pauwadungma Rural Municipality had supported in this drive. Pauwadungma Rural Municipality Chair Kiran Rai, CFPA representative Debiram Upadhyaya, Chair of Bhojpur District Teachers’ Federation, Tirtha Kumar Rai, among others, were present at the handover function, said vice-principal Tumbapo.
”We are very thankful for all organizations for their important supports of stationeries and art materials to our needy students”, remarked vice-principal Tumbapo.
Established and formally run since 2075 BS, Bhojpur Residential Basic School of the Deaf has 19 schoolchildren in the ongoing academic year. All of them are residential schoolchildren. Until last year, it was run up to grade three. This year, it is upgraded unto four, said vice-principal Tumbapo.
Sitaram Ojha, the founder of the school and the volunteer teacher at the school said, more financial, infrastructural and moral support was required to upgrade the school. ”This is the only deaf school in the mid-hill districts of Province 1. Therefore, we need to preserve and promote it”, said Ojha.

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