Broader unity will be a true tribute to Pushpalal-CM Poudel   

Bagmati, July 22 (RSS):

Chief Minister of Bagmati Province Dormani Poudel has said mainstreaming of communist movement with unity will be a true tribute to Pushpalal.
In a message on the occasion of 43rd Memorial Day of Nepal Communist Party’s founder general-secretary Pushpalal Shrestha today, Chief Minister Poudel said the communist movement that came across several ups and downs in the anal of history can only adequately address the contemporary issues reflecting lessons from the past.
He shed light on the need to make the people informed of the achievements made so far being cautious to the elements working to tarnish the image of communist movement in Nepal.
“Nepal saw the establishment of democracy after ending the party-less Panchayati system on the foundation of the political thought Pushpalal floated”, he added.
With the success of the movement in the attainment of political rights, now is the time to muster our strengths to address the people’s aspiration for prosperity, CM Poudel stated in the message.—

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