3rd world war

Brahmasiri Meetra

Let’s save this beautiful, lively planet- earth for generation to come: where are we really heading ?

3rd world war , even 3rd nuclear world war is looming on the horizon. Let’s awake and think together for collective global peace and humanity.

“Climate change and nuclear proliferation, and weapons of mass destruction are existential threat to humanity. The climate change and denuclearisation must be national and global agenda for peaceful, prosperous and secure world.”

“ This beautiful, lively Planet- Earth can be destroyed 1000 and 1000 times with the atom bombs, hydrogen bombs and nuclear weapons. Where we are heading. Most probably by 2050 we are going to be multi planetary species. We are going to in the Mars. But same deadly scourge war will be there.

There will be arm race. Human EGO must be transformed into love, compassion,peace and wisdom to create peace between two people , two family , among society’s and among community of the nation. “

“Talking about climate change , climate justice without taking about denuclearisation the Planet – Earth is sheer double standard and hypocrisy. “

“ So Called powerful and rich nations must come together to save this Planet- Earth. Humanism must prevail in the world. “

“ Double Standard will drown whole humanity, flora and fauna into Stone Age. “

“ 3rd world war , even 3rd nuclear world war is looming on the horizon. Are we thinking as human beings with awareness or we are just somnambulist. “

“ Let’s thick together and create peace , prosperity and security, and new peaceful world order under democratic socialism , and spiritual movement and global renaissance as true cultural revolution to creat peaceful , loving and harmonious humanity. “

“ The world must acknowledge it by heart and soul. The crony capitalism and the crony communism have utterly failed and they will bring inequality , social unrest , injustice , and ultimately devastating world war , even 3rd nuclear world war on the Planet- Earth. It is just question of time.

There is no meeting point between the crony capitalism and the crony communism- the way out is democratic socialism as Nordic nations are enjoying so peacefully. Let’s learn the Lesson putting crude human EGO aside. Let’s seek wisdom. “

“ The world must be transformed into “ The Council of world governance with a single global military alliance for outer security , a single global currency for global economic justice, and Spiritual renaissance for inner peace and global harmony and brotherhood.

“ Why not since the world is global village. Covid 19- and waves of Covid – 19 are proving that a person gone wrong can destroy the whole humanity. Let’s just think atom bombs in the hands of any retarded tyrant , dictatorial mind set it can occur even in sophisticated democracies as well. It is hard to believe it can be predicted. “

“ Double Standard cannot bring peace , prosperity, freedom. harmony and justice in the world. All double standard must end in the 21st century. Look at the messy world. 8 trillions dollars are spent in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is justifiable in any pretext.
Same way there will be nuclear 3rd world war in any pretext. It is not acceptable for whole humanity and intelligentsia of the world. “

“ If we are human beings , if we are real youth , we must unite together around world , rise up and advocate for nuclear non proliferation, and weapons of mass destruction, denuclearisation and climate change at a time. “

“ Talking about peace , climate justice , freedom and humanity with 13865 nuclear war heads is sheer double standard and hypocrisy. “

“ Politicians of the world must have human face , heart and soul , common sense. Are they just like robot. Their egoistic behaviour seems so mechanical , robotic and horrible. “

“ Are we aware of what we are taking ? ????
Focus must be shifted against nuclear proliferation, denuclearisation, and climate change simultaneously to dave this Planet- Earth, humanity , flora and fauna. “

“Unconscious humanity as we are are possessing most dangerous weapons of mass destruction that can annihilate this beautiful Planet – Earth 1000 and 1000 times with deadly weapon. “

“What Kind Of world we are creating today humanity , future generation and generation to come. Wherever we will go – Mars , or any star or any galaxy same deadly scourge of war will be there. Is this human civilisation , development, humanity , peace , prosperity, and human evolution????? Billion dollars question to human beings ?

“All human beings with sanity and all youths must unite together globally and raise voice against deadly weapons and scourge of wars.  Let’s pray for peace and humanity,”

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